Contract Administration

Engineer to the Contract

Our staff are trained and experienced in providing contract administration services, as independent advisors, nominated experts in NZS3915 and most directly as Engineer to NZS3910. We ensure our staff receive contemporary, specific training relevant to acting in the contract administration (Engineer) role. We aim to add value through our engineer to the contract roles, by managing issues to prevent disputes, looking for alternative solutions to common problems (for example accelerating rather than extending contracts) and by providing clear, impartial advice to principals and contractors. We build trust within our project delivery teams to ensure decisions are respected and respectful to all parties.

  • Industrial, residential, education, commercial, remediation, public facilities
  • Suite of communication templates developed over many years
  • Specific training in NZS3910 and acting as an engineer to the contract
  • Problem solving approach – mitigation, value engineering, rapid resolution
  • Acceleration / prolongation analysis, responsive approach to notices