METHOD: We use the Matterport 3D scanning system to create measurable 3D models of buildings. The 3D models we create are convertible to point clouds and IFC models.

OUTCOME: Fast compilation of as-built site surveys, accurate records for insurance and dilapidation.


METHOD: Our Gopro Max 360 degree cameras are used for progress payment inspections and for general record-keeping.

OUTCOME: Detailed progress records, accelerated site inspections, desktop review and response to questions.


METHOD: We use Bosch laser range finders for site measurement.

OUTCOME: Accurate measurement and reduced site resources – faster measurement, no requirement for assistant to hold tape ends.


METHOD: The primary tool we use for BIM is CostX, which allows model mapping and harvesting of quantities based on object properties. We also use Autodesk products to inspect and review designs.

OUTCOME: Better understanding of building geometry and layout, accelerated measurement and bulk checking of 2-dimensional measures; Improved accuracy and coverage with enhanced reporting and presentation


METHOD: Aerial video and photo records are provided with our DJI drones.

OUTCOME: Safer site inspections, particularly for building envelopes and scaffolding; accurate record keeping and ability to inspect inaccessible areas


METHOD: Excel is among the most frequently used tools in quantity surveying offices. We require all staff to attend a consecutive series of formal skill development and maintenance courses.

OUTCOME: Improvements in data analysis and ability to analyse and compile wide ranges of scenarios


METHOD: We use Palisade @Risk software for quantitative random number risk simulations (Monte Carlo analysis)

OUTCOME: Modelling effects of changes in quantity, rate, timing and other variables in building projects to understand and determine ranges of possible outcomes and make informed contingency recommendations


METHOD: Since 2009, we have worked with iTwo (formerly Exactal), the makers of CostX quantity surveying software. Our firm has achieved “CostX Certified Partner” status and features in CostX advertising literature.

OUTCOME: Consistent estimating and presentation including standard phraseology libraries, indexed historical rate database and bespoke templates. Reduced risk in contract documentation through standardisation and familiarity.


METHOD: Where design documentation is unavailable, such as for proposed renovations, we create our own three-dimensional models in Sketchup.

OUTCOME: Enhanced understanding of building geometry, greater accuracy in quantities and accelerated estimating process


METHOD: Our databases, files, applications and correspondence are hosted on commercial cloud servers, secured with two factor authentication. We also host our own cloud servers for specialist software and remote access.

OUTCOME: Ability to work anywhere – office, home, site, in transit; full access and functionality, managed knowledge, tools and applications for consistent service and robust record retention


METHOD: All BQH staff are provided with Microsoft surface and apple iPhone devices.

OUTCOME: Internal and external collaboration using widely compatible systems


METHOD: Staff are provided with furniture and equipment for home offices.

OUTCOME: Business resilience and service continuity, improved lifestyle and health, reduced commute burdens, comfortable and productive remote working


METHOD: Our company vehicles are equipped with Dashmate Dual (front and rear) cameras.

OUTCOME: Safety and record-keeping, complaint handling and accident documentation


METHOD: Meeting rooms, workstations and home offices are equipped with high-quality video-conferencing hardware.

OUTCOME: Remote meeting attendance, full team meetings with staff in office, at home and elsewhere; reduced travel requirements, improved health and safety


METHOD: Motorised standing desks are standard equipment in all BQH offices.

OUTCOME: Collaboration improvements, healthier posture, reduced stress and fatigue


METHOD: Our main work areas are equipped with a large screen visible from all desks for training, conferencing and information.

OUTCOME: Participation in group training from comfort of own desk, participating in important events (news, sports, amusements); shared experience and better job satisfaction


METHOD: Many of our staff are accredited greenstar professionals and practitioners.

OUTCOME: Understanding of important initiatives improving the quality of buildings, ability to provide expertise to internal and external teams for implementation


METHOD: We are a long standing member of site safe, Impac Prequal certified and ACC accredited.

OUTCOME: Well-trained, well-equipped and above all, safe staff.