bqh is an independent NZ based quantity surveying firm Construction Economics dynamic cost planning value management and project control Quantity Surveyors Motor way broad range of commercial management services Shopping complete Quantity Surveyors we help you optimise value, competitively Construction Economics you can confidently plan and execute your project Comprehensively qualified, highly experienced quantity surveyors we provide services for a wide range of project sizes Applied understanding of construction industry economics

Level 2, 8 George Street
PO Box 99108
Auckland 1149
New Zealand
T +64 9 300 6085
F +64 9 368 4413
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  • Founded and named by Brown, Quartermaine and Hanlon
  • Consulting quantity surveyors and construction economics experts
  • A regional cost management portfolio from an Auckland, NZ HQ
  • Professional QS competence with a collaborative team spirit
  • Comprehensively qualified, highly experienced quantity surveyors
  • Technologically progressive high continuity professional framework
  • Innovative, sector spanning history of project control
  • Applied understanding of construction industry economics

As quantity surveyors, we work on the principle that measurement is a vital part of the management process. Our contemporary techniques support effective decisions throughout the development and construction process: who, when, where, why: quantified.

We understand there is more to a project than cost. Aside from informing affordability decisions, costs describe value, efficiency and competitiveness in a universally understood metric.

We have a deep, practiced understanding of measurement and highly developed skills in advising on how to develop a project with measurements that suit your objectives of time cost and quality.

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